Your Instructors

All of the teachers hold either Body Control Pilates or other internationally recognised qualification and adhere to the highest teaching standards and professional ethics. 

They are subject to participation in continuous professional development where they are kept up to date with the latest medical research.  

All have many years of teaching experience and have numerous speciality qualifications. 

Sarah Hunt - Founder & Principal Instructor of pilatesintornagrain

Sarah Hunt

Founder, Studio Owner & Principal Instructor

“I'm intrigued by how bodies move, it's a passion of mine… even after all these years of teaching. I am still learning, particularly from the clients. Pilates is a useful tool to shed light on the 'why's and ‘whats’ of movement.”

Sarah trained with Body Control Pilates in Covent Garden in London.

  • Second person to qualify in Scotland with BCP in 2000 and the first in the Highland and Grampian Region.

  • Client loyalty since 1997 and her teaching covers the age range from 13 to 90.

  • Clients include military personal, professional footballers, Olympic Athletes, accident recovery patients, medical professionals and… YOU!


Advanced Mat Work Certificate, Master Mat work Teacher (since 2002),Supervising Teacher (in 2003) for Body Control Pilates for 13 years, work experience provider for Moray Council. Qualified teacher of advance level on Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair and Barrels.  

Mentoring, developing and training instructors form across the UK and Europe. 

Consultant to a number of multiple work sectors in order to promote and establish better well being and lifestyle practices in activities of daily living.  

What is your goal now? I am currently pursing an interest in identifying bio mechanical abnormalities in the gait cycle and its everyday application for the benefits of clients.

Anne-Marie Hulme - Senior Pilates Instructor at pilatesintornagrain

Anne-Marie Hulme

Principal Instructor

“Practicing Pilates enhances my body awareness with each and every session continuing to deepen this connection - a wonderful fusion of mind, body and breath through movement”

Cather Biggar - Pilates Instructor at pilatestornagrain

Cathy Biggar


" I took up Pilates as I have always been very active in the outdoors and needed to understand and resolve some ongoing issues in my own body. The knowledge that each of us can gain through mindful movements can help reduce pain and keep us more active whatever your starting point or end goals are in life."